Wednesday, February 1, 2017

speaking to lonely

you are both
cutting like ice
and breathing hot air all around me

not there
for me

but today
after feeling myself
i dripped my naked body
into the mirror
and i didnt rip
my ice eyes away
didnt drop the curtains

theres a first for everything i guess

you suddenly turned your ly
into nothing
you were not there
and i was alone

i noticed the extra

it oddly reminded me
of when i would slap
clay on to the sculptures
i breathed over in college
a little here
a little there
and it made sense

i felt sculpted
not that corepower
yoga sculpt shit
not shitty greek statues sculpted
but touched by something else

i was a creation
into sense
and beauty

you were gone
and i was alone
no l-y here
no lonely here
no lies here

i was still thick
and gorgeous

i was still framed by space
but the space was for breathing
was for taking up
and i loved

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