Tuesday, April 5, 2016

day 5/ poem 5

i read Tao Lin's poems today
from you are a little bit
happier than i am

i reveled in each
slurped them through the straw
stuck in the concrete
of a milkshake
like i was desperate
and they were coming into my brain
too slowly

maybe like a brain freeze
but it didn't quite feel like that

and i put the book down
and tingled
I haven't left my apartment building
and you are a little bit
happier than i am 
is staring at me

and i shout
no i'm not
you have published a book
and probably live in nyc
live to slurp stories
from the folks on the train
and i am dipping my finger
straight into the peanut butter right now
and i don't know who i am
not really

and i look you up
and you do live in nyc
but i read that gawker
has called you the single most irritating person
which made you cover gawker's door
in brittany spears stickers

so perhaps not all is as it seems

despite our lived experiences
we are all the same being

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